Inclusive Outdoor Playgrounds and Accessories

Inclusive Outdoor Playgrounds and Accessories


    We believe that all kids deserve the chance to enjoy playing on the playground with their friends. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of playground equipment for children with special needs and disabilities.

    You may notice that it is hard to see the difference between our inclusive playground equipment and our standard play items. This is because we are committed to creating wheelchair accessible playgrounds that any child will enjoy no matter their level of ability. 

    Our Products Bring Inclusive Play to Your Playground

    • Communication: Encourages language skills through motivation, collaborative, and reciprocal activities with friends and caregivers. 
    • Dramatic Play: Encourages imagination, creativity, symbolic thinking, and social dialogue through pretend play. 
    • Musical Play: Encourages collaboration, creativity, and age-appropriate activities for multi-generational users at any developmental stage.
    • Motion and Movement: Allows individuals using mobility devices the ability to enjoy a motion activity with their friends without having to transfer out of their wheelchair. It provides sensory-rich feedback to provide vestibular feedback which is important for balance and understanding of where the body is in relation to the earth. 
    • Accessible Upper Body Movement: Equitable alternative to upper body/climbing equipment. It provides a rewarding fitness experience that promotes healthy physical activity. The position is adjacent to other upper body activities when possible for parallel play opportunities. 
    • Jump-in Point: Offers passive areas for children to observe and understand the play activity prior to participating. It helps to draw the child into meaningful play. Position the jump-in point next to another activity such as music or dramatic play. 

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