Outdoor Shelters

Playground Shelter

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space that’s both functional and stylish, a commercial outdoor shelter or pavilion may be just what you need. From choosing the right design to ensuring proper installation, the helpful consultants at Playgrounds Etc will walk you through designing the perfect outdoor playground shelter for a stunning outdoor space at your business or organization.

Build the Ultimate Commercial Playground

It’s important to provide a shaded area for children and adults to spend time outdoors, sit and enjoy a picnic, play, or cheer on their favorite sports team. Commercial outdoor shelters are just as vital to playgrounds, bleachers, and picnic tables as exciting climbing arrangements and long slides for kids to enjoy. Installing outdoor shelters improve the looks and extend the life of your investment.

Choosing the Right Size and Style

The professionals at Playground Etc work with you to ensure that design, manufacturing, and installation come from a safety-first perspective. Our team has extensive experience designing outdoor shelters, picnic pavilions, and outdoor commercial playground equipment for parks, schools, and churches all over, and we have the knowledge necessary to design a thrilling and carefree adventure for any age.

Playground Shelter

Shade, Shelter, Sports Equipment, and More

Playgrounds Etc offers much more than just playgrounds, outdoor shelters, gazebos, pergolas, and picnic pavilions. Be sure to check out our other products to round out your outdoor space like playground exercise equipment, playground furniture, dog playgrounds, outdoor shades, and more!

Playground Sale Items

Whether you are looking to expand an already awesome outdoor space, or just getting started, Playgrounds Etc can help. Our playground and outdoor sales page offers great pieces for every age group at a reduced price. There’s no better surprise for your youngsters than giving them a new outdoor adventure.

Request a Catalog

Our updated catalogs show our deep selection of outdoor shelters and picnic pavilions to build the perfect outdoor space. Looking for something specific? We design and build custom spaces too! Request a playground catalog today or give us a call at 866-461-2814, Monday through Friday.

Let’s Get Down to Play

Playgrounds Etc provides full-service playground planning, design, and playground installation. Browse our full catalog for a style of playground shelter that would complement your space perfectly. Then contact a helpful Playground Etc. consultant to design your commercial outdoor space at your Texas facility.