Dennis the Menace Themed Playgrounds Midland, TX


Dennis the Menace Park has been part of the City of Midland for over 60 years. During the summer of 2019, we had the exciting opportunity to replace all of the park’s outdoor amenities including four new commercial themed playgrounds. Each playground structure is a different theme, yet work together to create a cohesive experience for the families and children of Midland, Texas. All of the playgrounds are designed around the theme of the popular classic cartoon, Dennis the Menace.

There are four themed playgrounds. A baseball theme, treehouse theme, western theme, and an inclusive airplane theme. It was important to the residents and the City of Midland to incorporate an inclusive playground design to welcome children of all abilities to the playground.

Each commercial themed playground structure design features graphics, panels, and dramatic play elements from the classic cartoon, Dennis the Menace. Throughout the playgrounds, you will see the popular characters and landmarks from the cartoon such as Dennis, Mr. Wilson, and Ketcham Field.


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