Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to your playground questions? Read our FAQs before getting started!

You should begin the selection process by specifying what age group kids will be playing on your playground.  Then you need to know how much room you have to work with.  Our structures have specified safety zones, which are vital to ensure the safety of the children who are playing on them.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find anything that will fit within your budget.  Let our designers know what equipment you like, and they can custom design a unit to fit anyone’s budget.

Our catalog and website show a good representative sample of the products we can offer.  However, we have access to many other products that we can offer if requested.  Please contact us to design a playground and we can provide you with a quote on virtually any playground item or service.

The American Society of Testing Materials and the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines require all playground equipment to have safety surfacing.   We offer a wide range of safety surfacing materials to fit any budget.  Our playground consultants can help you select the right surfacing for your playground.

Yes.  The play structures that you see on our website or in our catalog are examples.  You are welcome to choose one of our example units but you can also add or remove almost anything on any unit.  Our clients also have the option of custom coloring.  You can mix and match any color scheme that fits your theme or school colors.

Partial funding is required at the time the order is placed.   Final payment is not due until installation is complete.  In the event of deficiencies, our clients have the right to retain a percentage of final funding until said deficiencies can be corrected.

Once the order is placed, delivery can be expected to take 12 to 15 weeks.   The playground equipment will be delivered to the location of your choosing.  Once the equipment has been delivered, installation will be scheduled as soon as practicable.

Playgrounds Etc provides a certified team of professional installers to install all equipment.  If you choose to have our professional installers install your new equipment, we will take every precaution to see that landscaping is not damaged during installation.  To ensure that public utilities are not disrupted Playgrounds Etc will notify Dig Test prior to installation.  Dig Test is a company that identifies most public utilities upon the right of way or easements leading up to your property.

For our customers who are trying to get the most equipment for their money, we offer a “Community Build” option.  This option involves Playgrounds Etc personally aiding in the installation process while your team of volunteers completes the installation process.  This option is extremely cost efficient and can help strengthen ties within your community.  And of course you are always welcome to do it yourself or have your own maintenance team install the project.

First you need to decide how much space you plan to dedicate to the play area, your budget, and what you’d like to see. Then contact us and we can start the planning process!

The largest factor is that you are limited by how high the playground can be. After that, you’ll need to consider the size of your space, budget, age requirements, and child capacity.

Prices start out around $40k to $60k for a turn key project, with the average indoor playground costing around $75,000.