Playground Workout Equipment

Playground Workout Equipment


    Are you ready to get physical with commercial playground workout equipment? Get your community in shape with our wide array of outdoor fitness equipment. From freestanding stationary equipment including sit-up benches and parallel bars to motion fitness equipment such as walkers and chest press stations, we are your #1 source for playground workout equipment in Texas.

    Cultivate Community with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Playground Etc.’s outdoor fitness equipment is designed for all fitness levels and can help to create and grow a community of health and wellness in your area. Our wide selection of outdoor fitness park equipment is inclusive, multi-generational, easy to maintain, and affordable.

    How to Incorporate Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Incorporating an outdoor fitness park in your area is easy! Each fitness equipment item takes up a small footprint. You can easily start by installing one or two pieces of equipment along nature trails or green belts, or open spaces next to a playground or community center.

    Commercial Outdoor Gyms Designed for Any Facility

    The outdoor workout equipment we offer is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. We have installed commercial outdoor gyms at parks, beaches, hotels, schools, community centers, senior centers, playgrounds, corporate facilities for employees, and more. We cater to any specific fitness need that your community and facility may need.

    The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Parks

    Outdoor fitness parks in a public park, community center, or as part of a playground have many benefits. One of the best benefits is that outdoor fitness parks are fun to use and may improve one’s overall health. Our best-selling parallel bars, chin-up bars, and chest press help users build their core and upper body muscles. The balance beam, vertical ladder, and jump touch beam improve the lower body.

    Invest in Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Whatever your fitness goal at your facility may be, you can help your site experience a new level of fitness and comfort with our line of dedicated outdoor workout equipment. We have sit-up benches, balance board stations, horizontal ladders, chin-up bars, vertical ladders, stretching posts, walkers, and outdoor parallel bars for sale, just to name a few!