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New Mobile App Encourages Outdoor Playtime

Two Norfolk playgrounds have been equipped with some new technology designed to combine mobile technology and playtime. Not only do these playgrounds have standard outdoor playground equipment, like horse spring riders and playground climbing walls, but they also have augmented reality markers to use with a mobile app.

The app, designed by Canada-based developer Biba Ventures, allows parents to use the smartphone app and tell their kids what the game is telling them to do. From relay races to obstacle courses to team games, kids can use the augmented reality markers to complete tasks in the app. And there are games and activities kids can do on any playground without the augmented reality markers too.

Bilba Adventures offers interactive games that encourage kids to get up and get active on any sort of play equipment while still keeping their interest by incorporating mobile screens.

Other Ways to Get Kids Active on Playgrounds

While technology is making it easier than ever to motivate kids to play, there are certainly other options too. So let’s take a look at a few ways you can help get kids active on playgrounds.

Get new playground equipment: Sometimes, playground equipment needs to be spruced up in order for kids want to play on it. In fact, rebuilding a playground can actually increase playtime by up to two-thirds. So if a school’s playground equipment is run down or needs repairs, making necessary changes can help encourage playtime. Additionally, making the playground more inviting, like having a themed playground, can also help.

Make physical activity fun: Kids may not always be motivated to play on playground equipment on their own. But offering activities and challenges can help make physical activity fun! Even taking kids to themed playgrounds can stimulate creativity and help them have more fun while running around.

Ensure playground equipment is inclusive: If a playground doesn’t offer inclusive equipment, then not every kid is going to be able to play. So any and all playgrounds should offer equipment that kids of all abilities can use. While traditional equipment like swings and slides are often a staple of playgrounds, this equipment isn’t always inclusive. Inclusivity is something that should be considered when designing playgrounds.

Physical activity and playtime are important for kids physically, mentally, and emotionally. So keep these tips in mind to encourage more playtime in areas around you.

Josh Bartlett

I have been in or around the playground industry most of my life starting at age 6 when my father started building back yard playgrounds. As I got older I developed an enormous passion for construction and business. In 2009 I along with my father and mother decided to give our full attention to designing and building commercial playgrounds. In just over 10 years we have gone from a small mom and pop company to a bustling small business that has the pleasure of designing and building custom play areas in locations around the country.

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