Big kid outdoor playgrounds

Big Kid Outdoor Playgrounds


    Our big kid playground equipment is built to excite. This excitement isn’t just at first look, as our playgrounds remain exciting playtime after playtime. These play structures are ideal for a school playground or city park playground. They include decks that are much larger as well as longer and faster slides. You will also find a lot more climbing walls, rock climbers, and monkey bars on each of these play structures–but don’t worry!

    At Playgrounds Etc, we provide safe playground equipment for schools in Texas. With so many options, this category is full of diverse equipment that is made to inspire and excite. Built from commercial-grade materials right here in the USA, everyone is going to love our school playground equipment.

    Be sure to check out all of our outdoor playground equipment for our full assortment.

    If you’d like more information on our big kid playground equipment for schools in Texas, or if you’re interested in something custom, we’d love to speak with you. Contact us to design a playground to meet your needs or browse all of our outdoor playground equipment to see the full assortment!