How School Playground Equipment Builds Skills

Recess time for students to play on your school playground equipment is more than giving your teachers a quick break, or your students a chance to run off their pent-up energy and get exercise. Recess is a time for students to build muscles climbing on a rock wall, play pretend at the puppet show panel, or make friends by embarking on make-believe challenges on the playground with their classmates.

Physical Benefits of School Playgrounds

The most obvious benefits of school playgrounds are the physical ones. Students build arm and leg muscles as they tackle stationary climbers as well as more challenging chain-link climbers that move as they are climbed. If you think it’s easy to get across an overhead ladder (monkey bars), maybe you should join your students during their next recess; it takes some serious arm strength as well as hand-eye coordination to make it across to the other side.

Children’s health is also prone to be healthier with regular access to a playground. Diseases such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes can be avoided by leading a healthy active life. What better way to do that than by teaching healthy activities at such a young age?

School Playgrounds Build Cognitive Function

All school playground designs have a multitude of opportunities for children to engage their senses. Children’s coordination, balance, agility, and problem-solving can be sharpened on the playground whether it’s problem-solving by putting together a team to play kickball or four square, discovering their love of nature by imagining being a park ranger on a forest-themed playground structure, sharpening hand-eye coordination climbing a chain wall or going across an overhead ladder. The best part about developing cognitive skills on the playground is your students don’t even know they’re learning them!

Teach Healthy Social Behavior on School Playgrounds

During lessons in the classroom, students may not have too many opportunities to build their social skills freely and without bounds. Playing on the school playground equipment is the perfect place to do that! Students are able to partake in freeform conversations, problem-solving, and encouragement while on the playground. Cheering each other on as they make it to the top of the climber or engaging during pretend play on a themed playground teaches children how to properly converse with their peers. We all know these lessons will take you far later in life.

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