Consider These 4 Types of Playground Shades

Have you ever taken your kids or your class to the playground and can’t help but notice how bright the sun shines and undoubtedly you heat up? Imagine how the children feel playing under direct sunlight, and how the sun affects the wear and tear of your outdoor playground equipment. The Texas sun and heat definitely warrant shade to be an essential element on all modern playgrounds. The benefits of playground shade are endless from protecting children from sunburn, the equipment overheating, color fading too fast, the list goes on. Here are the 4 best-selling types of playground shades ways that keep your playground protected from the sun. Let’s start with the best-selling hip shade structures.

Hip and Ridge Shades

If you’re looking for one of the most cost-effective ways to shade your playground equipment, consider our hip and ridge shade, most commonly referred to as the hip shade. It is by far the best selling shade structure for playgrounds for us. Our customers love the large range of sizes and traditional look of the shade structure. Hip shades are perfect for shading freestanding equipment including spring riders and bubble climbers. Hip shades are functional and attractive great. They will last on your playground for years to come. Hip shade structures are offered in square, rectangle, and hexagon shapes with an eave height of 8’, 10’, or 12’.

For a shade structure to cover your complete playground environment, continue reading about dome and sail shades.

Dome Shades

Show that you’re serious when it comes to protecting your commercial playground from the sun with a large dome playground shade. Our customers appreciate that our selection of dome shade structures for playgrounds protects the entire playground environment including the playground structure. Dome playground shade structures can be sized to a maximum width and length of 50 feet before breaking them up into multiple domes. Shades can be customized to meet the needs of your playground while complying with all ASTM and CPSC playground guidelines, and are offered in a number of colors to match any brand or color aesthetic of your facility.

Sail Shades

Looking for a more creative way to shade your playground environment? Consider adding a sail shade to your new or existing playground. Sail shades are preferred over a dome or hip shade for play spaces that desire an architectural look. Sail shades can be designed over playgrounds in layers that overlap or arranged in hyperbolic squares giving your playground attractive swoops. The columns and shade fabric are offered in the same color options as the dome and hip shade structures to match any site’s color aesthetic.

Modular Shades

The most affordable and easiest way to add playground shade is to incorporate a modular shade into your playground design. Modular shade canopies can easily be added to a new or existing playground structure. One of the biggest advantages to adding a modular shade to an existing playground is it does not require additional footings to be poured, nor are any other permits required before installing. There are a number of design options and colors available for modular playground shade structures to match your facility’s current color scheme.

Ready to add some sun protection to your playground? Read more about our shade structures or contact us to request a free, no-obligation consultation at your park, school, or church!