Commercial Indoor Playgrounds

We have worked with hundreds of organizations in Texas and nothing brings us joy like bringing families together through play. Located in Midland, TX, we have built indoor playgrounds for nearly two decades. A Playgrounds Etc design consultant will ensure your playground is safe, fun, and within budget while bringing your indoor playground equipment ideas to life. Contact us today for a free quote!

Common Questions

I just bought a childcare facility and want to install a playground… now what?
First you need to decide how much space you plan to dedicate to the play area, your budget, and what you’d like to see. Then contact us and we can start the planning process!

What do I need to know when planning an indoor space for a playground?
The largest factor is that you are limited by how high the playground can be. After that, you’ll need to consider the size of your space, budget, age requirements, and child capacity.

How much does an indoor playground usually cost?
Prices start out around $40k to $60k for a turn key project, with the average indoor playground costing around $75,000.

Some of Our Indoor Playgrounds

Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

  • Learn more about space themed indoor playgroundSpace themed
    indoor playground
  • Learn more about sea themed indoor playground Sea themed
    indoor playground
  • Learn more about Explorer indoor playground with custom logoExplorer indoor playground with custom logo

Toddler Indoor Playground Equipment

    • Learn more about toddler indoor playground Toddler
      indoor playground
    • Learn more about big apple indoor PlaygroundBig Apple
      indoor playground
  • Learn more about Pinnacle indoor playgroundPinnacle
    indoor playground

Big Kid Indoor Playground Equipment

    • sprout zone indoor playgroundSprout Zone
      indoor playground
    • kids club indoor playground designKids Club
      indoor playground
    • rugrat complex indoor playgroundRugrats
      indoor playground

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Safe, Fun & Within Budget

From preschool to preteens, Playground Etc offers safe and fun commercial indoor playground equipment within any budget. We are proudly in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Guidelines, Americans with Disabilities Act, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).

Toddler indoor playgrounds, big kid indoor playgrounds, and themed indoor playgrounds are just a few of our unique offerings. No matter what age, space, budget, or application, Playgrounds Etc has the solution! Email us to get started!