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One of the things we know for sure at Playgrounds Etc. is that kids love to play and that’s just as true in Texas as anywhere else in the country. Another thing we know is that, no matter where you live in the great state of Texas, we’ve got you covered!

From West Texas and the Panhandle, to Central Texas down to the Gulf, and over in East Texas, our talented and expert playground designers and consultants are available to help you with your playground needs.

Our Playgrounds Etc. representatives offer start-to-finish commercial playground equipment services throughout Texas. These experienced designers work hard to develop site maps, 3-D renderings, and design plans for crafting every corner of your outdoor or indoor playground.

Your Local Playground Design Consultant for the North Texas Area

   Kristin Brasher’s passion is getting to design the most unique commercial playgrounds our clients can dream of. As your North Texas Design Consultant, she also loves knowing that kids will get to enjoy the outdoor play environments that we can create in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

For Kristin, one of the most rewarding parts of her job is that a well-designed playground can encourage kids to be active while having fun and also promote inclusive play. 

Kristin grew up in Midland/Odessa but eventually moved to Grandview, Texas back in 2018. Until then she says she, “Never understood what the big deal was with living in a small town but now I totally get it.”

Kristin loves living and working in Grandview, in part because it’s far enough away from big-city traffic but close enough to hop on over to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for some fun. Since she’s located right in North Texas, she’s able to help clients design playgrounds from Waco to Sherman, and from Weatherford to Longview.

Kristin and her husband, Rob, have two beautiful girls, Lauren and Berklie, three dogs and usually a barn full of show pigs at any given time. One of her favorite things is to see her daughters care for and show their show animals. And, when she’s not at home with her family, she enjoys going to the gym, jogging, and pretty much anything active or competitive. 

In North Texas, your Playground Etc consultant, Kristin Brasher, can be reached at (817) 701-6846 and at

Taking Care of Your Local Playground Design Needs in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston

dwight playgrouds etcAs a graduate of Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) in San Marcos, Dwight Homann received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science. 

He worked for the Sherwin Williams paint company for 18 years before he was offered the great opportunity to be a Design Consultant with Playgrounds Etc. Dwight shares that, “During the interview process with the Bartlett’s I knew Playgrounds Etc. was where I was supposed to be. Working with Playgrounds Etc. has given me the chance to make a difference in so many kids’ lives.”

One of his great joys is designing fun and unique playgrounds for our next generations while always putting safety first.  As the father of a beautiful daughter, Dwight says he loves that Playgrounds Etc.’s main goal is designing all playgrounds within state guidelines and putting safety first. Dwight himself has been a Child Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) since 2018.  

Dwight is a native of the region and, as the Design Consultant for South and Central Texas, he has a great understanding of the area’s strong morals and values. He utilizes that knowledge to be flexible and adapt to his client’s varying needs, whether it be a small town in South Texas or a large school district in the Austin area.

Dwight also loves the diversity of the people in the area he represents and enjoys spending time with them, whether during the work week or on weekends.  In his free time you can find Dwight either on a golf course or at a Steak Competition. In fact, Dwight even qualified for the Steak Cookoff Association’s World Championships in Fort Worth for the 2019 season.

Contact your local Playground Etc representative for South/Central Texas, Dwight Homann, at  (210) 517-0920 or by email at

The Texas Panhandle Has a Great Local Playground Designer, Too!

amanda playgrounds etcBorn and raised in Richardson, Texas, Amanda Smith graduated from Berkner High School (Home of the Rams!) and then went on to attend The University of Texas at Arlington.

She says she was fortunate enough to get to play softball throughout her college years and then succeeded in obtaining a degree in Early Childhood education. After college, she taught Kindergarten as well as second, third, and fourth grade, and Physical Education for eight years.

Now living in Midland, Texas, Amanda chose to work as a Playground Design Consultant here at Playgrounds Etc. She says she made the transition, “Because I still wanted to be able to do something related to kids and I wanted to be able to design outdoor play environments that encourage them to get outside and be active.  I am CPSI certified (Certified Playground Safety Inspector) and I love the fact that today’s playgrounds are safer than ever before.”

Amanda is the Playground Design Consultant for the Texas Panhandle and has lived in the area for eight years now and has grown to love the people in the region. She enjoys getting to know all the backroads of the Texas Panhandle as well as working with all the small communities and schools in the area.

Along with her husband, Amanda has worked and taught in many small communities, so designing commercial playgrounds for them is something she greatly enjoys. She and her husband, Dewitt, have been married for 20 years and have three daughters, Kirklyn, Brinkley, and Campbell. Together, they love playing sports, cooking together, and playing with their 110 pound yellow lab, Fat Jack. 

Amanda Smith, your Playground Etc sales representative in West Texas and the Panhandle area, can be reached at (432) 230-5627 or at her email address:


Your Trusted Playground Advisor and Designer in West Texas

David Kitch has been in the customer service and sales industry for over 25 years in many different environments

After close to 15 years in the sales industry of corporate America, he noticed that it was becoming more focused on numbers, and less concerned with the overall satisfaction of the customer. About 10 years ago, David decided to start looking for a career that was more fulfilling.

During his research he discovered a small, family-owned company, Playgrounds Etc, that represented the values he was looking for. For over seven years now, David has been a part of this family and has been able to witness the growth and maturity the company has experienced.

David started with Playgrounds Etc. as a Design Consultant. He says that, “I have since grown with the company and I now oversee and help support our entire team of Design Consultants. I could not be prouder of this team. Everyone truly understands what it means to put our customers first.”

Along with taking on the role of Sales Manager at Playgrounds Etc. David still takes care of his customers here in West Texas and he’s been a Certified Playground Safety Inspector {CPSI) for the past six years. Like all our representatives, David has the knowledge and experience to help you with something as small as your existing playground maintenance needs, or as large as designing and building a completely new commercial play environment.

David has been married to his wife for 17 years and is the father of two daughters and one son.  Having grown up in the Houston area, it’s no surprise that he’s a die-hard outdoorsman. David and his family enjoy hunting and fishing as well as attending band and sporting events that his children are involved in.

Do you live in West Texas? You can contact your Playground Etc representative David Kitch at (512) 560-0142 or by email at

No matter where you are in Texas, Playgrounds etc have the knowledge and expertize to help, Speak to an expert on fun today! Call 866-461-2814


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