Duet – Musical Instrument



The Duet is an enjoyable outdoor musical instrument that combines aluminum bars in A minor and fiberglass bars in C major. The combination of different keys creates a fun music experience for all children. Either one child could play or two children can share the fun moments of music.

Most of our instruments are available as portable or with in-ground or surface mounting kits.
Choose from either steel (STL) or recycled (REC) posts.

DUET-IG-REC-SRP – $3,460
DUET-IG-STL-SRP – $4,060

DUET-PM-REC-SRP – $3,736
DUET-PM-STL-SRP – $4,336

DUET-SM-REC-SRP – $3,636
DUET-SM-STL-SRP – $4,060


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