The Big Apple Indoor Playground


Bring the excitement of the city to your facility with this exciting indoor playground design. Parents in your community won’t be able to wait to take their children on an adventure to the big apple among all the skyscrapers, bustling city streets, and subways, all while never leaving their hometown by visiting your facility’s Big Apple Indoor Playground.

This New York City-themed indoor playground features a long slide, tunnels, and multiple climbing experiences. They will be able to sharpen their social and motor skills while they explore the energy of the Big Apple with this playground.

The only limitation you have when designing an indoor playground is the ceiling. This standard playground design measures 12 feet wide x 12 feet long x 8’3” feet tall. Need to customize this playground? Contact us to design a playground and receive an inclusive price for your Big Apple Indoor Playground.

Ask us about all the different ways to customize this commercial playground equipment with the large array of colors available for each type of material on this playground. We can incorporate your brand colors while still keeping the cityscape theme your facility strives for.

Features of the Big Apple Indoor Playground

  • Measures 12’ x 12’ x 8’3”
  • Choose from theme colors or customize to your own branded colors
  • The playground design can be customized to YOUR local area

Available Assets for Playground Planning and Design

  • Installation instructions
  • CAD files
  • Product renderings
  • Product photography

Benefits of Themed Indoor Playgrounds

Themed indoor playground equipment provides multiple benefits to children of all ages and the facilities they are installed in. Children thrive in settings where they are offered opportunities for socialization, teamwork, and physical challenge; commercial indoor playgrounds provide all of those opportunities. 

Indoor playgrounds also offer multiple benefits for the facilities they are installed at. Indoor playgrounds increase revenue because they attract a wide client base, even if your business isn’t about indoor playgrounds. If you’re a church, offering an indoor play area could attract local families to try attending your church services. If you’re a restaurant, installing a playground could lead to parents spending more time at your business and spending more revenue there.

Start Designing Your Indoor Playground Today

If the Big Apple Indoor Playground isn’t for you, don’t stop shopping. Check out all of our other indoor playground equipment designs from our full catalog of options, or contact us to design a playground to meet your needs!


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