Quanah Parker Elementary School Midland, TX

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Quanah Parker Elementary School is located in Midland, Texas and it part of the Midland Independent School District. The school came to us to replace an old aging playground. They wanted a safe, modern play structure that was not sage. We had our marching orders and got to work planning a new play environment for the children at Quanah Parker Elementary.

The school leadership envisioned a modern playground that would be suitable for a wide age-range of students, and again, no sage colors. This playground has bright and playful colors with a modern look and feel. We designed two structures in one that is connected by a rope tunnel bridge. One unit is designed for children ages 2-5 years old with lower fall heights. The other unit is for students ages 5-12 years old with taller slides and climbers.

Later, the second phase of this playground will include an integrated shade. This will be an easy fun project that the school’s PTA will raise money for. An integrated shade is a great way to get parents involved in playground planning. It’s a low-cost item that adds tons of value in protecting children (and the playground equipment) from the damaging sun rays.

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