Midland Sports Fields Midland, TX

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The City of Midland knows how hot it gets for spectators and athletes during the baseball and softball season. As part of a much-needed facelift to its many sports and recreation facilities, the City of Midland decided to invest in commercial bleacher shades. We completed the installation in plenty of time for the start of the spring 2020 season.

Across the five parks of the City of Midland’s parks and recreation facilities, we installed a total of twenty-six t-cantilever bleacher shades. The city chose a true blue color because of its classic style and it also matches the city’s brand colors. The design of the commercial t-cantilever bleacher shades includes the Glide Elbow release mechanism. The Glide Elbow release mechanism makes it easy to install and remove the shade fabric. It’s important to remove and re-install the fabric between sports seasons and harsh weather to keep the fabric in the best shape as possible.

The next time you’re out enjoying a game at one of the City of Midland’s parks, be sure to use #playgroundsetc to let us know you’re enjoying the relief from the sun.


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