Calvary Baptist Church of Brownfield Texas



Calvary Baptist Church is located in Brownfield, Texas. There is something for everyone at Calvary Baptist Church! From adults, youth, to children, the church ministers to all age groups in the local community. We helped the church reach children and young families with the installation of a new commercial-grade recycled playground. This playground has a natural look that can stand the test of time!

The children of Calvary Baptist Church enjoy playing on this environmentally-friendly playground equipment. Multiple activities keep children engaged for hours of fun like the lily-pad bridge, multiple slides, and climbers. Children keep cool and protected from the sun from the natural and built-in ridge square roofs on the playground.

Just because it’s a recycled playground doesn’t mean this playground won’t last! The materials are made from 100 percent post-consumer plastic goods such as milk jugs. They are reinforced with fiberglass elements preventing the materials from the deterioration that you would expect from a traditional wood playground.

The leaders at the church decided on a cedar color for the recycled materials and a primary color scheme for all the steel, rotomolded plastic, and panel activity components.

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