Playground Shelters

Build the Ultimate Park Playground

Provide a safe and reliable area for children to play with playground equipment, both indoors and outside. Safe structures and sound design are just as vital to indoor and outdoor park, school, and church playground equipment as exciting climbing arrangements and long slides for kids to enjoy. Look through our portfolio to see some of our finished playgrounds.

The professionals at Playground Etc work with you to ensure that assembly and installation come from a safety-first perspective. Our team has experience designing playground equipment for schools and churches all over, and we have the knowledge necessary to complete a thrilling and carefree adventure for every demographic.

Looking for something specific? Playgrounds Etc is able to custom design for every client. Take a look over some of our different styles to get an idea of what works for you.

Outdoor Playgrounds for Youngsters

Looking for something that is appropriate for younger children? No problem. Our Tot Expedition, Adventure, and Trek park playground setups are perfect. Specifically crafted for a younger audience, these structures offer a series of tubes, steps, and bridges sure to make your little one eager to play outside. A variety of stand-alone pieces are also available if you are looking to scale up or down — Playgrounds Etc is structured to fit any budget.

Outdoor Playgrounds for Older Children

Bigger children require bigger play areas. Check out our 5- to12-year-old selection when optimizing for your church playground equipment. Larger slides, long jungle gyms, and tiered platforms deliver a thrilling experience for middle school-aged kids. Keep in mind that some of these park playgrounds have a capacity of 25+ children. And, don’t forget about our themed setups — such as the Police Helicopter package.

Indoor Playgrounds and Foam Equipment

Add a nifty look to a gym, basement, or children’s schoolroom with our wide variety of animal structures. Lobsters, bears, and fish provide cute style while giving youngsters safe playground options.

Shade, Shelter, and Sports Equipment

Playgrounds Etc offers much more than just playground equipment for schools and churches. Basketball hoops and soccer nets are the perfect accessories to place next to your newest playground. And, remember to add some playground shade covers for the parents and supervisors. Custom sails and umbrellas make your outdoor experience a cool time for everyone. Entries, pergolas, and playground shelters for schools, parks, and churches are also available for the finishing touches.

Sale Items

Whether you are looking to expand an already awesome playground, or just getting started, Playgrounds Etc can help you out. Our sale section offers great pieces for every age group at a reduced price. There’s no better surprise for your youngsters than piecing together a new outdoor adventure. Get started with one of our many on sale jungle gyms.

Customized Playgrounds for Every Environment

Our consultants have seen it all. From rocky terrains to tight budgets and unique age groups, we provide outstanding customer service and professional knowledge to all future clients. We’ll help you plan, design, and install your school or church playground equipment for an affordable price.

Request a catalog or search through our deep selection of playground shelters for schools, parks, and churches to begin the easy ordering process today. Contact Playgrounds Etc at 866-461-2814 Monday through Friday.

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