Grand Stands

Bleacher Seats & Press Boxes

Provide safe and reliable team and bleacher seating for children and parents. Playgrounds Etc ensures all seating is properly built and designed. We understand safety concerns and handle all of our design, assembly, and installation with that in mind, first and foremost. All our seating is designed in accordance with the IBC 2009 and ICC 300-2007 building codes.
Have a certain amount of seats or design in mind? We can work with you to build custom bleachers. Take a look at our different team seating and bleacher seat styles, including elevated bleachers. Playgrounds Etc can even construct press boxes for bigger seating setups.
Permanent Bleachers for Home Games
Provide durable grandstand seating for parks and schools. Elevated Bleachers are ideal for all sports or other events where elevated bleacher seats can greatly improve the spectators’ sightline and experience.
Looking for playground bleachers where parents or teachers can watch their children to ensure they are playing safely? We can also install bleachers properly placed for monitoring children as they’re playing.
Elevated bleachers can also include guardrail, aisles with handrail, entry stairs, and more.
Press Box
Looking for an enclosed space with a bird’s eye view? Press boxes can be a private space for interviewing major guests for games or a place for press to watch the game, if it’s a big enough event. We can build and install custom designed press boxes with your school team’s colors. Contact us today to inquire on other specific features.
Team Seating
Add durable team seating for both the home and away teams. For hosting tournaments in multiple spaces, some of our seating series are portable, making it easier to adjust the layout or even to setup elsewhere, as needed.
Tip and Roll Bleachers
We also sell bleachers that are perfect for indoor spaces, like gymnasiums, where you might not be able to dedicate full-time seating. Before the event, just roll out and set up the bleachers exactly where you need them, whether it’s alongside a basketball court or elsewhere. Once everyone’s gone home, tip up the bleachers and roll them back into storage.
Portable Bleacher Seats
Sometimes a certain outdoor location just doesn’t have room to keep bleachers out all the time or you wish to keep them in perfect condition when not in use. That’s why Playgrounds Etc offers portable bleachers and grandstands you can keep in storage when there aren’t any sporting events and you need the park or field for other events that require more room or don’t draw a crowd.
ADA-Compliant Bleachers
All of our elevated series of bleachers and press boxes are ADA compliant. We can also help bring your existing bleachers into compliance with a custom ramp system.
Customized Bleacher Seats for All Occasions
The professionals at Playground Etc have designed and installed playground bleachers for schools and playgrounds of all sizes. With our knowledge of terrains and seating designs we provide outstanding customer service and professional knowledge to all future clients.
We’ll help you plan, design, and install equipment appropriate to your school or venue environment for an affordable price. We can also supply replacement bleachers parts, such as replacement handrails and steps.
Request a catalog or search through our deep selection of bleacher seats to begin the easy ordering process. Contact Playgrounds Etc at 866-461-2814 today!

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