Popular Themes for Commercial Playgrounds

About 130 years ago, Boston became the home to the first playground in the country. Since then, schools, churches, and daycares have enjoyed offering a safe and fun playground area for children to play on. While the end product is more than rewarding, the process of designing and choosing playground equipment can be a little difficult. One of the easiest ways to decide on a design is to consider themed playgrounds. Playgrounds with themes are not only easier to design, but can offer kids a more exciting experience. With that in mind, let’s discuss a few benefits of themes and which options you should consider.

Benefits of Themed Playgrounds
So why should you consider a theme for your commercial playground? For starters, they can be more visually appealing than regular playgrounds. Themes playgrounds offer bright colors, fun shapes, and more. These aspects will draw kids in and encourage them to play. Additionally, these types of playgrounds can help suggest options for activities. In having suggestions for play, kids can feel more confident in choosing their playtime activities. Themes can give children a general direction to take their imagination in, allowing them to have endless possibilities of fun. This level of imagination and creativity can help promote emotional and cognitive development. Furthermore, having a general theme can make it easier to bring a whole group of kids together for playtime. And last but not least, themed playgrounds can often provide a sensory play aspect. With different types of playground equipment, kids will get to feel more textures and see more colors than normal playgrounds may be able to offer. Overall, having a theme for your school or church playground can promote a unique level of play in children.

Popular Themes to Consider
There are tons of options to consider when thinking about what kind of theme you’ll want for your playground. Let’s take a look at some of the most common themes seen on today’s playgrounds.

Castle: Princesses, Princes, Knights, and other characters can come together to fight off evil. From alligator-filled moats to fire-breathing dragons, the storytelling options are endless with a castle or kingdom theme.

Jungle: All kids love animals and the jungle sure has plenty to offer. Exotic birds and flowers can serve as the background for tree houses with leafy roofs. Kids can learn about different animals, plants, and more in the jungle.

Space: This theme is literally out of this world. With the options to discover new plants, kids will have a hard time coming back down to Earth after playing on a space-themed playground.

Hopefully, this article gave you some great ideas for coming up with a theme for your playground. No matter which theme you choose, the kids are sure to have an interactive, magical place to spend their free time.

Josh Bartlett

I have been in or around the playground industry most of my life starting at age 6 when my father started building back yard playgrounds. As I got older I developed an enormous passion for construction and business. In 2009 I along with my father and mother decided to give our full attention to designing and building commercial playgrounds. In just over 10 years we have gone from a small mom and pop company to a bustling small business that has the pleasure of designing and building custom play areas in locations around the country.

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