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Playground Funding Options in Texas and New Mexico

The Financial Resources You Need to Fund Your Commercial Playground Equipment in 2020

We believe that well designed and functional playgrounds encourage the imaginations and creativity within our children to soar. Play aids in children’s physical and mental development and should be available to every child. There are plenty of funding options to bring play to the children at your organization. This blog looks at the financial resources you need to fund your commercial playground equipment in 2020 – specifically for those looking to fund a playground in Texas or New Mexico.

Funding shouldn’t limit how much play you can bring to the children at your school, church, park, or child development center. There are many fundraising options to choose from, national and local grants to apply for, and cooperative purchasing options that your organization can consider. No matter what road you go down to acquire the funding needed for your equipment, your Playgrounds Etc. design consultant will be with you every step of the way!

Funding a Playground with Fundraising

You may find this surprising, but one of the most successful ways to get funding for a commercial playground is through fundraising. The community knows it needs a new playground at your church, school, or park, so who better than them to ask for donations? When it comes to your community’s children, there is not much that members of our community won’t assist with. So use your business connections to tap into what you may have thought to be hidden financial resources. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!

It’s not always that simple. There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to fundraising. Do have a plan in writing, incorporate any use of free marketing and advertising such as social media channels, have a clear fundraising budget goal, and make it fun. After all, it is a PLAYground you’re raising money for. Now for the don’ts. Don’t count solely on the parents of the children you’re raising the money for, be vague on where the funds are going, or use one income stream (or one method to raise the money). For more ideas on how to make a fundraiser more effective, contact us today to brainstorm ways you can raise money for the playground that your community needs.

Funding a Playground with Grants

Something that many of our customers often overlook is grants. Grants are overlooked because they are not widely advertised, but grants are very much alive and well in Texas, New Mexico, and across the nation. There are several local and national grants our customers are able to apply for. From grants that are specifically for churches or schools, to grants that are for specific types of equipment such as outdoor musical instruments, or nature play products for playgrounds.

For tips, tricks, and advice on finding and applying for grants, contact us today. We can help you through the process.

Helpful links to help you in your grant research:

Cooperative Purchasing Programs

We are proud members of many co-ops. Co-ops are agreements that we have with sourcing and procurement organizations such as HGAC Buy and BuyBoard. Businesses like Playgrounds Etc. gets customers, like yourself, to generate demand in order to lower the cost of the products. Since our memberships with co-ops vary each year, it’s best to discuss your co-op buying options with your design consultant.

Playground Budgeting Tips

On average, we tell our customers to budget $1,000 per child that you expect to play on the playground at a single time. If you are a school that needs to consider two classes of 25 children to play on the structure at a single time, consider setting a budget of around $50,000 for the project. To keep costs lower, you can take advantage of our seasonal sales, purchasing overstock or closeout products, and purchasing smaller independent freestanding playground equipment. You will likely still accomplish your goal of having a functional playground area at a lower cost.

Schedule a time to talk with one of our friendly design consultants. They are happy to discuss the many options to acquire the funding you need for your organization’s playground equipment.


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