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To get your creativity flowing, we invite you to fill out this playground equipment catalog request form. Once you submit your form, you’ll unlock an unbeatable selection of commercial playground equipment, freestanding independent playground items including slides, climbers, musical play equipment, dramatic play equipment, and much more!

For extra, we’ll even include our shade, shelter, and site furnishings catalog for inspiration to complete your commercial playground project.

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    Commercial Playground Equipment

    Steel Playgrounds

    The classic playground every child loves to play on! Steel playground equipment from Playgrounds Etc can be designed to fit children ages 2-5, 2-12, and ages 5-12, and any budget.

    Eco-Friendly Playgrounds

    Constructed from common household plastics such as milk jugs, Playground Etc’s eco-friendly playground equipment is built to stand the test of time and rowdy children for years of playtime.

    Inclusive Playgrounds

    Inclusive playgrounds help not only the children, but the entire community, come together no matter age or ability and participate in their right to play! Explore the variety of inclusive playground options in our latest playground catalog.

    Themed Playgrounds

    Your imagination is the limit! Together with our customers, we have designed custom themed playgrounds that help children’s minds soar into outer space, feel like they’re in the big leagues of baseball, are in the wild with nature, and making their way through the marshes. Get inspired with past installations in our updated playgrounds catalog.

    Freestanding Playground Equipment

    Does your playground need a little extra something? Explore our independent playground options! We have the finishing touch that your playground needs from popular steel single-post and a-frame swing options to themed spring rockers.

    Musical Playgrounds

    Children love to explore all their senses on the playground, and the sounds of music are so often forgotten! Add a musical garden to your playground environment with bells, chimes, drums, and more. Musical equipment not only adds more play options to your playground but allows children of all abilities to play together.

    Playground Inspiration

    Get inspired by our past playground installations. No matter the age requirement, budget, or space, there is a playground for your school, child care center, park, or church. Request your playground equipment catalog today!