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Now Offering Quick Ship Commercial Playground Equipment

Ordered, Shipped, and Installed in as Little as Two Weeks!

Ever been quoted a lead time of several weeks or even months for delivery and installation of new commercial playground equipment? Never again with  Playgrounds Etc’s quick ship playground equipment, you could have your playground delivered in as little as a week, and installed in as little as two weeks from the time you place your order.

Why Quick Ship?

Why would our customers need a quick ship playground or site furnishing? Take our recent pandemic situation. Due to the sudden spread of Covid-19 (also known as Novel Coronavirus), many schools and parks across the state are closed and will remain closed for some time. This time has allowed schools and parks to move up their install dates while their facilities are closed. What better time to take advantage of a quick ship product selection of playgrounds and site furnishings than now? This will allow these facilities to safety, easily, and quickly update their site environments for their children and community members to use after the pandemic is under control.

Quick Ship Playgrounds and Amenity Options

With the Playgrounds Etc. quick ship program, you can choose from a variety of playgrounds and site furnishings. The playgrounds range in price, size, age-range, and child capacity. The site furnishings offered are our best-selling outdoor amenities that complement any commercial outdoor landscape! They have a clean, classic, and timeless design. There is no limit on color selection as each playground and amenity is manufactured to order and powder-coated in the colors of your choice.

Quick Ship Success Story

A recent customer contacted Playgrounds Etc with an urgent need of a new commercial playground. The customer recently conducted a safety inspection on their old playground. Based on the results of the inspection, the facility decided to purchase and install a new playground structure rather than go through extensive repairs. We were able to purchase and install the new equipment in a total of thirteen calendar days from the day the order was placed. How is that for service?

Give Quick Ship a Try!

No matter your facility, budget, or need, we have a quick ship solution for you. Browse the quick ship selection today or contact us to discuss your recreational equipment needs!

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