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How to Maintain Pour in Place Rubber

It’s no secret that falls are the leading cause of playground injury. That’s why it’s so important to properly maintain pour in place rubber after it has been installed at your commercial playground.

Pour in place rubber surfacing for playgrounds (often referred to as PIP) is a popular choice for playground surfacing at schools, parks, child care centers, and family entertainment centers as it is one of the most durable and safest playground surfacing options on the market. It is durable, non-slip, and maintains impact resistance throughout the entire play area. Loose fill playground surfacing options don’t offer the same protection to children. It is also very easy to customize and can also include custom designs or even include popular playground games including foursquare and hopscotch!

To maintain your pour in place rubber and keep your playground surfacing in tip-top shape, follow these 4 tips straight from the Certified Playground Safety Inspectors that we have on our team!

Clean Regularly

It’s important to keep your rubber playground flooring clear of any debris or loose particles that may make its way to your floor. This can range from dirt, sand, fresh cut grass, leaves, etc. The presence of these elements can harm the surface and possibly prevent drainage in the event of rain showers.

When washing your pour in place rubber, don’t wash with any harsh chemicals or detergents as they can degrade the surface. Normal cleaning can easily be done with a nylon broom or microfiber mop that is easy on the surface and a mild detergent.

Remove Stains

Let’s be honest. Your playground’s pour in place rubber is going to get a stain sooner or later. While cleaning with the method above will usually work most of the time, sometimes you will have an annoying stain that just won’t budge. When that happens, we recommend using a low-pressure power washer with a mild soap detergent.

There are other times you have more intense stains such as graffiti, gum, or even organic matter (animal droppings, urine, blood, etc.). Graffiti and organic matter situations may call for a more intense cleaning. Scrubbing the area with a soft brush and mild soap and sandpaper if needed – but be careful not to damage the surface if you use sandpaper. To remove gum, the easiest method is to simply apply dry ice. Once the gum is frozen, just chip the gum right off the surfacing.

Reseal Bi-Annually

If you want to really extend the life of your poured in place playground surfacing, reseal the surface every two years with a product like Rubber Floor Finish. If your rubber surfacing is not properly sealed and maintained, through normal wear and tear and exposure to UV rays, the top layer of the PIP rubber surfacing will begin to fade, chip, and even dissolve over time. To keep your surfacing looking as sleek as the day it was installed, be sure to reseal at least every two years.

Conduct Routine Playground Flooring Inspections

The Texas weather climate can take a toll on your playground equipment, and your pour in place rubber is no exception. Besides the normal fading and wear and tear of the surface, there are other factors that need to be inspected to ensure the playground surfacing is still doing the job of keeping children safe in the event of a fall.

Our team of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors can conduct your annual surfacing inspection. We will be your playground partner to make sure your surfacing is doing the job it needs to do, which is ultimately protecting where our children play. And when it’s time to replace your pour in place surfacing, we will be by your side every step of the way!

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Partner with us to ensure your commercial playground equipment and pour in place rubber is fun, safe, and up-to-date at your facility.

Be sure to check out our full selection of playground flooring, which is sure to meet your needs. Contact us to design your playground or to request your free no-obligation consultation before you start planning for your playground. We will be by your side from start to finish.

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