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How to Choose Age Appropriate Playground Equipment

When designing commercial playground equipment, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Sizing, the type of area, colors, themes, and types of playground equipment are all important considerations. But one of the most important considerations is designing an age appropriate playground. While all children should get at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise each day, playing on equipment above their skill level could be dangerous. So let’s take a look at a few types of equipment appropriate for different age groups.

Infants and Toddlers

While playgrounds are mainly school-age children, there are some younger kids that are taken to playgrounds too. These little ones need a safe area to crawl and explore. With that in mind, playgrounds that offer a small area with soft surfaces away from bigger playground equipment is perfect for little ones. In this area, parents can sit and play with their kids without worrying that they’ll be exposed to dangerous playground equipment. Sandboxes and small toys are great for this age group.

Preschool-Age Children

This age group is more mobile than younger kids but still have less physical abilities than older children. So play areas for this age group should consist of playground equipment that is primarily low to or on the ground. All playground equipment for this age group should have handles or other pieces attached to help the kids keep their balance. Additionally, the surfaces on the ground should be soft, like mulch or sand, in case someone falls. Playground climbing walls or horizontal ladders are not appropriate for this age group.

Ages Five and Higher

The older the children get, the more playground equipment they can play on. So equipment like climbing walls, swings, slide, and rope climbing equipment is all appropriate for this age group. But safety should still be a priority — when investing in playground equipment services, schools and churches should be sure their playgrounds are designed with safety in mind. Equipment like swings should be placed away from other equipment to avoid accidental injuries. But providing a variety of equipment and working with playground equipment services can offer kids a safe and enjoyable space to play, learn, and grow.

Hopefully, this article provided helpful information regarding age-appropriate playground equipment. Keeping the ages of children in mind can help to ensure a safe and welcoming playground is designed for all ages.

Josh Bartlett

I have been in or around the playground industry most of my life starting at age 6 when my father started building back yard playgrounds. As I got older I developed an enormous passion for construction and business. In 2009 I along with my father and mother decided to give our full attention to designing and building commercial playgrounds. In just over 10 years we have gone from a small mom and pop company to a bustling small business that has the pleasure of designing and building custom play areas in locations around the country.

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