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Free Essential Playground Planning Resources

When it comes to playground planning, to make sure you accomplish your goals it’s best to stick to the basics and you’ll get it right every time. To stick with the basics, you need some resources to get you there. From determining what your playground equipment needs are to safety regulations, take a few minutes to review these resources while you plan your new playground project.

What kind of commercial playground do I need?

The National Program for Playground Safety recommends adults planning new or updated playground equipment for children to be proactive and select playground equipment that is age-appropriate for the children that will be playing on it. An example of age-appropriate playground equipment for children ages 2-5 years old is choosing a playground unit that has areas for children to crawl, lower platforms, many access points, or ramps with pieces attached for grasping as they walk up or down.

Where will my playground be located?

The best place to install your playground is a nice level area that is accessible by children and adults of all abilities. Make sure your selected site will be clear of tree limbs and power lines that could possibly interfere with the playground equipment. To allow for proper drainage, make sure there is little to no possibility of water pooling possible near the equipment. Something else to consider is the delivery of materials to the site; it’s best to make sure all materials and equipment can be delivered as close to the site as possible.

How will I pay for the playground equipment?

There are many ways to acquire monetary resources for your playground equipment. From grants to fundraising to loans, there is no shortage of ways to pay for commercial playground equipment. Contact us to discuss the best way to cover the costs of your playground equipment and be sure to check out our blog on New Mexico and Texas playground funding.

What kind of playground equipment options are there?

These days, there are many types of playground equipment. From the materials of the equipment to the type of equipment. Playgrounds Etc. offers playground units constructed of steel posts and decks, or recycled posts and decks. We also offer independent freestanding equipment such as riders, swings, and climbers. Whatever your equipment and product selections include, you’ll want to make sure you abide by all use zone requirements for the equipment selection. Ask us about use zones!

What can I get for playground flooring?

Playground flooring relies greatly on the budget and long-term maintenance you plan to invest in your site. Loose-fill options such as wood and rubber mulch are the most economical choices, but require more maintenance throughout the lifetime of your playground environment. You will need to refill your surfacing to maintain proper depth to ensure the safety of the children’s playground on the playground equipment.

You may also consider unitary materials such as poured-in-place surfacing or playground tiles. Poured-in-place is a type of playground surfacing that is poured and bonded on-site after the playground is installed. Rubber tiles are safe for different fall heights and allow for proper drainage of water.

Are there any safety regulations?

When it comes to children and commercial playground equipment, safety is the number one priority. That is why we continually monitor regulations and updates from these three organizations:

National Program for Playground Safety

ASTM Playground Standards

CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook // Consumer Product Safety Commission

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