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Four Playground Themes in One Park

How Playgrounds Etc Designed and Installed Four Different Outdoor Playground Themes in One Local Park

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Dennis the Menace themed playground in the City of Midland, what are you waiting for?! This past summer, we had the pleasure of being a part of the renovation of the 60-year-old Dennis the Menace Park. For the 60th anniversary of this legendary local park, which many people travel from local cities to visit, the City of Midland worked with us to upgrade all of its playgrounds. It was the city’s goal to keep the Dennis the Menace theme that the community knew and loved, but update all equipment to a modern look that met current safety standards for the children and families to enjoy for many years to come.

Theme One: Baseball themed playground

baseball playground theme midland texas

Perhaps one of the most popular themes on the grounds is the baseball theme, and may have been one of Dennis the Menace’s favorite sports from the cartoon. The baseball structure is designed to resemble a real-life baseball field, and the field Dennis played on, Ketcham Field. It features many playground chute and tunnel slides, custom activity playground panels with graphics from the popular cartoon, overhead ladders, modular playground shades, and more!

Theme Two: Inclusive airplane themed playground

inclusive airplane theme playground midland texas

Another favorite hobby of Dennis and his buddy, PeeBee, may be flying the planes they built themselves from this classic episode. That’s why the City of Midland wanted to be sure to not lose the airplane from the original park design. We said no problem! The fun airplane themed playground equipment is completely inclusive! What does inclusive mean? Inclusive means every activity on the playground can be easily accessed and used by children of all abilities. The wide ramp allows children of any ability to board this plane-themed playground. There are many slides, activity panels, and overhead activities to keep all children engaged in parallel play.

Theme Three: Treehouse themed playground

tree house theme playground midland texas

To replicate Dennis’ backyard treehouse, we created this fun treehouse themed playground structure for the children of Midland, Texas. This playground features steel posts and decking, HDPE activity panels, and Trex wood accents to mimic the look of Dennis the Menace’s actual treehouse he and PeeBee played in! The treehouse themed playground is a great way to introduce children to different elements of nature play. It features nature-themed activity panels, a rope climb tunnel, and slides. This playground is sure to provide hours of play-time for Midland’s little tree climbers!

Theme Four: Western

western theme playground texas

Not only because we’re in Texas, but also because Dennis had a wild west showdown in the classic cartoon, we had to include a western-themed playground structure in the Dennis the Menace Park renovation in Midland, Texas. The western-themed structure features slides, activity panels, horse playground rockers, and western-themed activity panels to treat children to a western adventure right here in Midland!

We had the best time working with the City of Midland to renovate this legendary park while honoring its local roots for the community. Check out more pictures of this epic playground project.

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