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Enhance Your Playground Environment without Breaking the Bank!

Up to 45% off Commercial Playground Equipment

What is better than a brand new playground for the children in your community? Saving money! Just in time for 2020 planning, we are here with opportunities for you to save up to 45% off commercial playground equipment for schools, churches, parks, city parks, and more. Keep reading to see what kind of offers you can take advantage of.

45% Off Playground Equipment

The word “affordable” and commercial playground equipment are not often used in the same sentence, but that’s just what we have on sale! Affordable commercial playground equipment is possible with Playgrounds Etc. With prices starting at approximately $12,000, almost anyone can update their playground structure. Choose from a number of options from your budget, the number of children you expect to accommodate at a single time, how much space you have available, to what age-range the children playing are. Whatever your needs and budget are, we have a solution for you.

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20% Off Freestanding Independent Playground Equipment

A great way to improve your existing playground without replacing your existing structure is with the addition of new freestanding playground equipment such as a new commercial playground swing frame or playground slide. In recent studies, it has been concluded that swings help improve children’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and coordination. 

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20% Off Square Cantilever Shade Umbrella and Rectangle Hip Shade

A cantilever shade umbrella or rectangle hip shade is the perfect complement to your playground equipment and site furnishing purchase, especially in the hot Texas summer heat. Take advantage of 20% savings while they last.

These shades are the perfect addition to the playground at your local park, school, or church, sports fields, neighborhood pool, and wherever you need protection from the sun’s rays.

View the Square Cantilever Umbrella

20% Off Commercial Site Furnishings

The classic and classy Regal design tables and trash receptacles with a 20% discount is exactly what your outdoor dining spaces ordered! The Regal tables and trash receptacles are among our best selling commercial site furnishings. Update your property for less today while these discounts last!

View the 46in. Regal Round Web Table

Why You Should Keep Your Outdoor Commercial Recreational Equipment Updated

It’s extremely important to keep your outdoor recreational equipment such as your commercial playground equipment, shade structure, and amenities, up to date. Updated equipment keeps visitors and patrons happy and returning to your site for more of what they came for in the first place! Aside from keeping steady traffic, here are more reasons for keeping your equipment up to date:

  • Safety
    Equipment that is not properly maintained and replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended time puts the users of the equipment at risk of injury
  • Add inclusive elements
    It’s important to incorporate inclusive elements to allow for parallel play on the playground. Many of our on-sale units allow for this access. Contact us to learn more about how you can incorporate more inclusive elements on your playground.
  • Shade protects equipment
    Not only does protect people, but it protects equipment too! It keeps equipment cooler to the touch (sometimes up to 20 degrees cooler!), looking great by not fading the colors as fast, and often extends the life by preventing metal from rusting and plastic from warping due to the heat and weather elements.

What facilities can take advantage of these savings?

We love to work with all types of customers in any industry, and anyone qualifies for these savings. Our most common customers are schools, parks, churches, and property management companies. Here are some recommended solutions for each type of customer:

  • Schools: playgrounds, shade for bus and car rider sidewalks, trash receptacles to keep your grounds looking great, picnic tables and benches for outdoor classrooms
  • Parks: playgrounds, trash receptacles to keep your park clean, picnic tables for gatherings, shade and shelter for protection over gathering and event spaces, and green trails
  • Churches: playgrounds, picnic tables, benches, and trash receptacles for outdoor gathering spaces and sidewalks, shade for sidewalks and entrances and outdoor spaces

Check out all of our on-sale products or give us a call at 866.461.2814 for even more ideas on how you can help you improve your outdoor playground and spaces.

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