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Complete Playground Design for Schools in Texas

What You Need to Know for a Successful School Playground

At Playgrounds Etc. we love what we do! The joy children get the first time they play on their new playground is second to none. What children don’t know is that every part of the playground they are playing on has been strategically planned out. Every piece of a children’s play area plan is carefully thought out for a fun adventure as well as the overall development of a child. From where a slide is planned, the selection of the activity panels, to the placement of a shade structure for school playgrounds. Let’s take a look at what it means to design school playground equipment in Texas.

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Design for Age-appropriate Playground Challenges

The designers at Playgrounds Etc. and our partners at Superior Recreational Products know what it means to design a meaningful playground for schools. It starts with an age-appropriate playground challenge. When we are given the opportunity to design a playground for a school, we incorporate age-appropriate challenges. When it comes to activity panels, we would select an ABC-panel over a tic-tac-toe panel, for example. To strengthen growing muscles, we will incorporate commercial playground climbers and overhead ladders to benefit hand-eye coordination. For a healthy thrill, we will add a curved chute or spiral slide.

children swinging on the playground
Design for Socialization on the Playground

For children’s healthy development, socialization with other similar aged children is imperative according to several leading studies. To encourage children to be social with each other, we will consider adding activities that require more than one child to play on. Commercial playground equipment that encourages social interaction are playhouses, seesaws, or other dramatic play equipment. When children positively interact with each other in a free play environment, children improve their communication skills, start noticing social cues, and essential teamwork skills.

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Design for Playground Accessibility

Another important angle to playground design is designing for accessibility. Students of all abilities need to play on the same playground at the same time. When we design accessible playgrounds for schools in Texas, we incorporate many options for parallel play starting with ways to access the play area. For easy access for children utilizing mobility devices, we install access ramps to the playground area as well as attach accessible ramps to the playground structure.

These are just a few steps that we take to design a successful playground. For more information to ensure your playground is functional, contact one of our experts today. How do you make sure your playground is a success? Tell us in the comments below!

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