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Church Playgrounds: An Open Door For Engagement And Fun

While most will agree that the traditional role of a church is to be a place of worship, it is traditionally an important place where communities engage and grow together. Most churches have always been a valued venue where families could find resources, engage in activities, build quality relationships, and experience a meaningful aspect of life Increasingly today, many faith-based organizations and worship centers contribute significantly to the life and overall development of children. It has become quite commonplace for these facilities to house daycare centers, pre-schools and even Kindergartens and beyond. Church playgrounds can further enrich the lives of the children and their families, while becoming a desirable destination to their neighborhood.

Why Church Playgrounds?

Church playgrounds can help your place of worship or faith-based organization’s facility in several ways. A very acceptable way to appeal to those with children is to provide accessible and enticing church playground equipment. These expertly designed play areas can be a fun and enriching environment for children who come to your place of worship.

In addition to being used by those in your community, these play spaces can be used for church youth activities. In addition to providing spiritual support, great playground equipment can allow your organization to further serve your community by offering a safe and stimulating place for children to play, stay active and learn.

Churches can play a major role in children’s spiritual life and personal development and, by having a church playground at your facility, they are also able to enjoy play time, become more active learners, more cooperative workers, and more engaged participants in their community.

Ideally, church playgrounds can serve various community events by sharpening children’s social interactions, while exercising motor skills through various forms of active play. In addition, a well-designed playground can provide an enclosed space for parents to allow their kids a safe degree of autonomy.

The Joys of Being Active

Sadly, we live in a time and society where children spend far too much time sitting and engaged in online activities, video games, or simply watching movies or TV. The result of this increasingly inactive and sedentary childhood lifestyle is an epidemic of mental and physical issues.

A recent report by the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA) compared 49 countries and concluded that 75 percent of them have “failing physical activity” grades,

“Global trends, including excessive screen time, are contributing to a generation of inactive children and putting them on a dangerous path,” said Professor Mark Tremblay, President of the AHKGA, Senior Scientist at the CHEO Research Institute in Canada and Professor at the University of Ottawa. “We have a collective responsibility to change this because inactive children are at risk for adverse physical, mental, social and cognitive health problems. This generation will face a range of challenges, including the impacts of climate change, increasing globalization, and the consequences of rapid technological change. They will need to become habitually physically active in order to grow into healthy, resilient adults who can survive and thrive in a changing world.”

This serves to highlight the value of physical activity and what is known as “active play” for children.

Active play contributes to a child’s development of gross motor skills such as crawling, walking, balancing, jumping and climbing. While it has long been recognized that small children develop fine motor skills by playing with toys and small objects, it has now been shown that properly designed playground equipment can allow children to develop both.

Active play is an important part of building a healthy lifestyle for children that is both engaging and fun. And church playground and playground equipment can help them develop a more fun and positive attitude while growing up in a faith-based environment.

Choosing the Right and Safest Church Playground

Whether you are offering a Bible School program, a preschool, or daycare facility that serves young families in your community, you can make your church accessible and engaging for small children, as well.

And because congregations can have children of all ages, physical abilities, and development levels it is important to consider this when you plan your playground equipment.

In addition to providing accessibility for all children, it’s equally important to consider safety when planning, designing and buying your church playground equipment. Safety is a primary consideration at Playgrounds  Etc. , we always strive to go above and beyond to ensure that our playgrounds meet, or exceed, all consumer safety guidelines.

We would be happy to visit your site and give suggestions on ways to create a safer play environment. Playgrounds Etc. is proudly in compliance with Consumer Product Safety GuidelinesAmericans with Disabilities Act, and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.


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