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The 5 Best Types of Preschool Playgrounds

Preschoolers need safe play areas that provide opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. They also need equipment that allows them to explore and learn while having fun. Five types of preschool playgrounds we know preschoolers find most engaging are our age-appropriate playground structures, swings, activity panels, slides, and climbers.

Preschool Playground Structures

Age-appropriate playground structures for preschool-aged children are designed specifically for the developmental needs of children ages 2-5 years old. A commercial preschool playground structure often includes slides, climbers, and activity panels to promote healthy sensory and physical development. Many of our customers also choose to incorporate swing sets to complete their playground environment.


Commercial playground swings are the perfect addition to any preschool playground design. They can be designed to fit any space, customized to your school’s colors, and they encourage healthy social activity with classmates.

Activity Panels

A playground panel is an essential piece of a preschool playground because it allows preschoolers the opportunity to easily and safely engage in fun games, educational puzzles, and pretend-play solo or with their classmates. Activity panels also help children develop coordination skills by allowing them to move along different levels. Some of our most popular panels are the maze panel, airplane panel, and piano panel that plays music!


Slides are popular because they allow children to safely experience the thrill of rushing to the ground from the playground landing. Our slides are made out of durable rotomolded plastic, come in many colors, and do not easily fade after years of exposure to the sun. To help prevent any kind of skin burns during the hot summer months, ask your design consultant about adding a playground shade to your structure.

Climbing Structures

A climbing structure can be designed as a component to your preschool playground or stand freely as a separate playground event. Some popular options are our bubble storm climber and criss cross matrix climber. Playground climbers are perfect for keeping preschoolers’ engaged longer on the playground and help develop balance and coordination.

The Best Commercial Playground Equipment

Partner with the best playground designers in Texas to ensure your commercial playground equipment is fun, safe, and up-to-date at your facility.

Be sure to check out our selection of preschool playground equipment and contact us to design your playground or to request your free no-obligation consultation before you start designing your playground. We will be by your side from start to finish.

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