All About Commercial Playground Installations

Why it’s Important to Hire a Professional Playground Installation Team

So you’ve made the decision to invest in a new or upgraded playground for your park, school, church, child care center, or HOA. How do you plan on installing your new playground equipment? There are many options when it comes to your commercial playground installation. You can choose a full professional commercial installation, a supervised playground installation, or a self playground installation. To ensure the safety of the children playing on the playground equipment at your facility, we recommend a full professional commercial playground installation provided by Playgrounds Etc.

What You Get with a Professional Playground Installation

Above everything else, when you choose a professional commercial playground installation, you get a playground that is installed and inspected by a team of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors. From arranging the delivery, setup, installation, and the final inspection, we will work with your team and your playground design consultant to ensure that your commercial playground equipment not only looks great but is installed to code and your specifications.

What to Expect from a Full Playground Installation

There are many elements to a successful playground installation. From preparing the installation site, making sure all the necessary tools and equipment is on-site, to making sure all products are assembled and installed according to manufacturer specifications.

Site Preparation

Preparing your site for a new playground installation may not seem as easy as it sounds. From leveling the site, checking for underground utilities, researching if permits are needed, to making sure the installation site is large enough to include the necessary safety use zones.


Installing a commercial playground can require a wide range of equipment. When you choose a professional playground installation, you can be sure that all the necessary equipment will be on-site and ready to use. Having the necessary equipment and tools is essential for a successful and safe playground build.

Safe Installation

A professional commercial playground installation means you will have a team of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors assembling and installation your playground equipment. It is not included in the cost of the playground equipment but is well worth the peace of mind you receive knowing that the children will be able to play safely on the new playground equipment.

Types of Professional Installation Offered by Playgrounds Etc

For over 20 years, our customers have trusted us to safely install their playground equipment, shade structures, splash pads, site furnishings, safety surfacing, fitness parks, and more recently our newest product, EduMarking. Here is a more comprehensive list of the recreational equipment we are qualified to install at your facility.

  • Outdoor commercial playgrounds
  • Indoor playgrounds
  • Shade structures and umbrellas
  • Shelter pavilions
  • Site furnishings
  • Splash pads
  • Safety surfacing and artificial turf
  • EduMarking
  • Outdoor fitness parks
  • Bleachers and grandstands
  • Sports equipment
  • And more!

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