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5 Benefits of Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

Commercial facilities of all industries could benefit from the installation of an outdoor adult fitness park. From county parks, office landscapes, university campuses, housing developments, and more. Though these facilities are all very different, the benefits of the use of the equipment are shared among them. What are they?

Outdoor fitness parks make exercise fun

Sometimes going to the gym could seem like something else on your to-do list you feel like you have to do. The installation of outdoor fitness parks for adults allows for more variety and change of scenery to the usual indoor gym workouts many are accustomed to. From creating your own circuit workout to a local trainer holding a class for the community in a guided workout, there are endless possibilities to keep outdoor workouts fresh for the users.

Encourage social distancing

In today’s social environment (and the time that this article was written), we are encouraged by the CDC to continue to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Unlike that of our indoor gym facilities, outdoor exercise environments allow for users to spread out more… even in the event that there are group classes. Just make sure everyone is spaced at least six feet apart.

Improves mood and boosts serotonin

It’s no secret that exercise improves our moods. The added serotonin created when we exercise helps to regulate our feel-good endorphins that regulate our moods, sleep patterns, and appetite according to the Mayo Clinic.

Added revenue stream

Looking for an easy way to add a revenue stream to your county or city park with the use of an outdoor adult fitness park? Offer local group fitness instructors the opportunity to rent out the park and charge for their classes on the equipment!

Improve the health of your community

Exercise is widely known to lessen the chance of multiple health issues. One of the biggest threats that exercise aids in reducing is the change of developing heart issues, diabetes, and the reduction of stress. There are many studies that have shown that outdoor physical activity lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. So provide a way for your community to safety exercise outdoors and improve the overall health of your community!

Let us help you improve your community, school, work, or any other facility with an outdoor fitness park design. We have a full catalog of outdoor fitness equipment to meet the needs of your facility and strengthen every major muscle group!

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