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3 Great Things to Include in Your Church Playground

Rebuilding your old church playground can lead to children playing on it over 66% more than they used to. Before you install a new playground or updating your current one, three fun additions are sure to give your kids an interactive experience.

1. Climbing Wall
Climbing walls are a great, fun addition to your custom playground. Not only will this create a new way for children to play, climbing walls are great for improving your child’s motor skills and balance. Additionally, successfully climbing a difficult wall does wonders for a child’s confidence. Not only can they play with others and form new social connections, they can gain a sense of pride in the obstacle they literally overcame.

2. Play Panels
Including writing and alphabet panels are a great way to keep children’s minds active along with their bodies. Think about including a board that expresses the sign language alphabet, or perhaps include fun or engaging bible verses on the border of the playground. When children sit down to take a break, they will be able to use this downtime effectively.

Children are like sponges, so giving them different avenues for external learning in your outdoor playground equipment is a great way to keep them engaged both in and out of the church. They’re more likely to remember facts and languages that they are exposed to compared to the average adult. Make playtime an occasion for learning!

3. A Pulley System
This is unexpectedly fun for children. Not only does this promote teamwork and cooperation between children, it will also utilize the children’s critical thinking skills. It’s important for kids to experiment and come to conclusions on their own. The amazement they’ll feel when they manage to successfully use a pulley system might spark an interest in science and sharpen their love for learning. It will also improve their muscles and motor movements.

Your church playground equipment is an important addition to improve the lives of the children that attend your congregation. Not only will these engage their bodies, they’ll be sure to learn important cooperative skills and make connections with the other children. Consider these beneficial additions when you’re purchasing your new playground equipment, or ask what options are available from your local playground equipment service.

Josh Bartlett

I have been in or around the playground industry most of my life starting at age 6 when my father started building back yard playgrounds. As I got older I developed an enormous passion for construction and business. In 2009 I along with my father and mother decided to give our full attention to designing and building commercial playgrounds. In just over 10 years we have gone from a small mom and pop company to a bustling small business that has the pleasure of designing and building custom play areas in locations around the country.

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