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10 Playground Activities and Games for Children

Top Activities that Aid in Child Development in Children as They Play

Playground Slides

A must-have on all playgrounds, children love the thrill as they slide down from the playground deck after playing with countless playground panels, climbers, and other activities. Depending on the playground structure that you select, heavy-duty roto-molded slides come in lengths as low as 2 ft. high all the way to 8 ft. high.

Playground Climbers

Children get a workout and they don’t even know it when there is at least one playground climber on your structure. Climbers aid in the healthy development of leg muscles, as well as hand-eye coordination as they make their way to the playground deck. Climbers come in heavy-duty steel and roto-molded plastic in almost any color you can think of! Take your pick of the coil climbers, concentration climber, and even a classic chainlink climber. Depending on which climber you select, climbers come in multiple deck heights.

Overhead ladders

Also known by millennials as monkey bars, children love the challenge of getting from one playground deck to the other. This activity builds muscles in their hands and arms. It also encourages social interaction as children cheer and encourage each other to make it to the other side! Overhead ladders are powder coated in the color of your choice and can be custom configured to your commercial playground design.

Activity panels

Activity panels come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Choose a steering wheel panel to encourage your speed racers to race to the finish. Encourage inclusion on the playground by installing multiple panels at ground level for children on mobility devices. From alphabet panels, ball toss panels, to a cafe panel, there are no limitations when it comes to adding activity panels to your playground.


Remember the thrill of soaring through the air on a playground swing when you were a child? Recreate that feeling for today’s children in your community. Customize your swings with multiple swing bays and the types of swing frame you install. Choose from standard belt and bucket seats to seats that are inclusive for all parallel play for children in mobility devices.

Dramatic play

Activity panels like the ball toss, cafe, and kitchen panels encourage children to engage in pretend or make-believe play by themselves and with other children. Creating dramatic play environments on the playground encourage children to take responsibility and ownership just as they see their parents or guardians in their own daily routines.

Musical  play

Music is everywhere, so why not the playground? Adding a musical garden to your commercial playground allows children to experiment with different sounds from multiple instruments as they socialize and sing with other children on the playground.

Nature play

Add nature play elements to your playground to encourage responsibility and risk-taking. Tree stumps can be arranged and installed for a natural take on hopscotch. Add a wooden balance beam to the playground to teach children coordination and improve balance.


4-square is a fun schoolyard game and easier than you would think to create. Keep a permanent 4-square board on your playground with the installation of poured-in-place surfacing. This is a fun and creative way to encourage play even when the playground structure is at capacity.


Hopscotch is a fun game children can play to socially interact or play alone. Both socially and solo are equally as beneficial to child development. As a solo act, hopscotch can teach problem-solving skills as children navigate from one jump to the next. Together with friends, children learn problem-solving and teamwork by helping each other from start to finish! 

No matter what size or budget your playground is, there are always activities that children can play! Looking for ideas to maximize your playground? Get in touch with one of our helping Playground Consultants today!


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